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6 speed DSG Mechatronics Repair

Typical symptoms:

  • No communication with the gear shift in the diagnosis of DSG Mechatronics
  • The transition jumps when driving out
  • digital gear indicator in the instrument cluster disappears
  • Error of the tachometer
  • If the engine is warming up tugging the shift lever or stops the car
  • No control of the solenoids
  • The gear change is connected with the journey impossible or only with a strong jerking
  • The motor speed "sweeps" while driving
  • Transmission shifts in the emergency function
  • When shifting from R to D, the engine switches off
  • "Jerking, jerking" while driving
  • switching surges

For additional errors we request to be contacted.

Specializing in the repair of DSG gearboxes, we are able to offer a complete repair of your DSG Mechatronics within 4 hours.

The repair includes:

  • Expansion of DSG Mechatronics
  • Repair and testing of the DSG Mechatronics
  • Installation of the DSG Mechatronics

We offer you our full service even on Saturdays!

You get 24 months warranty on the repair

You like to send your DSG Mechatronics for repair?

Repair Procedure:

  • You pack your developed mechatronics sure put our order form in and send it to our address.
  • You do not need prior arrangement!
  • We repair your defective control unit within 3-4 days and send it back to your address
  • Payment is by PayPal

Repair DSG Mechatronic (with Installation and repair): 989,00 EURO*,***

Repair DSG Mechatronic: ab 699,00 EURO**

Barsegar KFZ-Instandsetzungen - Logo
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